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Construction Craft Laborer

Build your career one step at a time.

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Apprenticeship Length


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State Skilled Wage Rate Range

$20.75 to $25.74

Per Hour, Plus Benefits*

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What You will Do

Perform a wide range of tasks in all areas of construction, including highway, commercial and industrial construction; use both general and specialized construction skills for project preparation, demolition, building and clean-up; operate a range of tools, from basic hand and power tools to light motorized equipment.

*Apprentices earn minimum of 70% first year, 80% second year and 85% third year. Benefits, such has health care and retirement, are above and beyond this wage.


Your Career
The word "Blueprint"

Most people don’t realize apprenticeship is a career area with lots of opportunities. Getting into employment earlier means there’s lots of potential for you to progress quickly in your career. After putting your skills into practice, you could become a master craftsperson and/or land a leadership role at your company, such as foreman, crew leader, jobsite superintendent or project manager. Some apprentices start their own businesses or go back to school for a two-year construction management degree at a technical college and then apply that to a four-year building construction management degree at a university. How far you want to go is all up to you.