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Algebra Verification

Algebra details for Electrical and Steamfitting only.

Algebra Verification

You will be required to provide one of the following for either Electrical or Steamfitting:


High school algebra coursework

One consecutive year of standard pre-college (high school) algebra with a minimum grade of “C” or higher both semesters (or each trimester) meets the minimum algebra requirement. Common course titles include Algebra 1 and Introductory Algebra. To confirm that a specific class meets the algebra requirement, please contact the ABC of WI apprenticeship office.


College-level verification

Verification (transcript or class completion verification) of one semester of an eligible algebra course at the college level with a “C” or better grade. The class can either be credited or non-credited.


Home-schooled verification

Home-schooled students applying for these trades must show verification of algebra in home school classes and take the algebra portion of the Accuplacer and submit verification of a minimum score of 33 for Classic Accuplacer or 216 for Next Generation Accuplacer.

Otherwise ...

If you did not take an eligible algebra course in high school or college, or did not meet the minimum grade requirement, you have the following algebra course options available for Electrical and Steamfitting applications:


Technical College course

Take an algebra course through your local technical college. Contact ABC of Wisconsin for approved college algebra course information.


Approved online course

Contact ABC of Wisconsin for approved online algebra course information.

Algebra topics required

The following topics (or equivalent) must be covered in order for the math course to be considered valid for the algebra requirement: