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Frequently asked questions


Please visit and enter your information.  Information on the apprenticeship and a link to the apprenticeship application will be emailed to you.


Please visit, which reviews the application requirements.

Apprenticeships start with employment, but ABC of Wisconsin is here to help.  If you don’t currently work for someone in the construction industry, you can apply for an apprenticeship.  Once you are pre-qualified, ABC will send you a list of the ABC of Wisconsin companies that are approved to train.  From there, you will find a company to work for.  When the company is ready to sponsor you, they will fill out an Employer Application and submit that to ABC of Wisconsin.  Once ABC receives all needed paperwork, we will get you scheduled to start our orientation process, which includes completing an online introductory course and attending a live online apprenticeship orientation where you will sign your apprenticeship contract.

ABC of Wisconsin accepts applications throughout the year. 

If you are starting an apprenticeship in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sheet metal or steamfitting: all application materials (including having a company to sponsor you in the apprenticeship) are due by July 15th to get you into classes that start in August/September. 

If you are starting an apprenticeship in bricklaying, carpentry, concrete finishing, heavy equipment operating, or roofing: all application materials (including having a company to sponsor you in the apprenticeship) are due November 1st to get you into block classes that start in December/January. 

Heat & Frost Insulating and Sprinkler Fitting apprenticeships do not have any application deadline.

No! There is no fee to apply to the ABC of Wisconsin apprenticeship program.

If you are still undecided on what trade you want to get into, you are welcome to apply for more than one trade.  We really recommend NOT applying for all 12 trades at once, because getting the list of contractors might get overwhelming.  You can always contact ABC of Wisconsin and add another trade if you have decided that you’d like to pursue another craft. 

Please note: You will only be going through one trade apprenticeship at a time when you are contracted.  The state does not allow dual enrollment in multiple trades. 

Unfortunately, no.  Paid Related Instruction Classes (which are the main classes that you will be taking in your apprenticeship) can only be taken by people who have signed their apprenticeship contract with ABC of Wisconsin. 

No.  ABC of Wisconsin wants you to find a company that is a good fit for you, so we do not find you a job or tell you where you must work. 

When you apply and pre-qualify for the apprenticeship program, ABC of Wisconsin will send you a list of the ABC of Wisconsin approved companies who train with us for you to use in your job search.  All ABC of Wisconsin approved companies have gone through an approval process to train with us, so they know ABC and what apprenticeship is.  You are encouraged to start with this list.  If you find a company that wants to sponsor you but is not on the approved list, ABC of Wisconsin will work with the company to become approved. 

Absolutely!  The State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards sets a minimum wage that apprentices must be paid in their apprenticeship.  This wage is paid both during work on the job and when attending the paid related instruction classroom instruction.  As apprentices progress in the program, their wages go up as well. 

Yes.  ABC of Wisconsin charges tuition for the apprenticeship.  This tuition includes the paid related instruction class fees, most textbooks, and administration of the program.  Tuition is the responsibility of the apprentice, although many employers reimburse at least a portion of it.  ABC of Wisconsin is not involved in any agreements between employers and apprentices regarding tuition. 

ABC of Wisconsin has been training apprentices for over 35 years.  Currently, we have 2,000 apprentices in our program. ABC of Wisconsin is a leader in the apprenticeship community.  Our staff is dedicated to customer service and helping apprentices and companies from application through graduation. 

No, if you are sending in your transcripts from your high school, it can be your unofficial transcripts.  Your options for high school completion verification include:

  • Official or unofficial high school transcripts with graduation date listed
  • Copy of high school diploma
  • GED/HSED certificate
  • Graduating senior: verification letter from high school that you are on track for graduation
  • Home school PI – 1206 form verification for each year completed