Build your career

Construction is one of the largest industries in the country, and best of all, it can never be outsourced. Apprenticeship is an excellent career pathway, because many apprentices become business owners or transfer credits toward two-year and then four-year, construction management programs.

Earn a great living

An apprenticeship will not only prepare you for a rewarding career in construction, it will enable you to pursue your passions in life. Whether you want to own a home, raise a family or buy that brand-new truck, the sky is the limit because your skills will be in demand. What are your dreams? A career in construction can make them a reality.

Graduate without debt

After four years of college, grads are often looking for a job and strapped with debt. Apprentices area already working and earning money from day one, even paid to attend class every other week or so. This is why apprentices have no big debt at graduation and sometimes even own their own homes. Are you ready to get a jump on life?


Learn a skilled trade through on-the-job and in-class training, and get paid!


Find out why apprenticeship offers a great career without all the student debt.


Find a meaningful and rewarding career that leaves many doors open.


Learn more about how you can build your career by choosing construction.


With an apprenticeship, you start with a job and build a career. Simply put, a contractor hires you, and then you enroll in the ABC of Wisconsin Apprenticeship Program. Over the next three to five years, you will learn everything you need – through in-class and on-the-job training – to strive in all aspects of your chosen trade.

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